Couples #6


Man passing closed shop, with protesting quotes against the government – Shunde town – Foshan City, 2014


Man entering traditional house with auspicious proverbs having of the walls around it, to keep bad ghosts out – Shunde village – Foshan City, 2014

On a Wing and a Prayer


Heavenly Mountain range (also known as ‘Tianshan’), near Urumuqi, the capital of Xinjiang Province – China 2011

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Leaving Makassar, the capital of Sulawesi, during dusk – Indonesia 2014

Train attendants in the train from Taiyuan to Pingyao on an early morning – Shanxi Province – 2014

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Inter-station Intimacy – Shanxi Province 2014

The welcoming Durian sales ‘men’ in the Togean Islands of Sulawesi – Indonesia 2014


A woman shouts out her order of durian fruits at the sales ‘men’, as the ferry passes by the small harbour – Togean Islands – Sulawesi 2014


Crowded Sunday afternoon in central park during winter time – Taiyuan, Shanxi Province 2015

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Crowded, but with a harmonious atmosphere, Sunday afternoon in central park during winter time Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

Sleeping with the Qashqai Nomads in the Zagros Mountains of Iran – 2016


Spring settlement for Qashqai nomad family near a meltwater spring – Iran 2016

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Sunset over sheep farmer’s family tents in Zagros mountains – Iran 2016


Seda’s Larung Monastery settlement during Winter time – Sichuan Province, 2016


Narrow Roads zig-zag through the densely populated hillsides, 2016


The Majestic Larung Monestary surrounded by SeDa’s, also known as Sertar, (aspirant) houses of visiting and resident LaMas and JueMus (female Lamas), 2016


Crafted with the help of family, friends, and fellow buddhists, small wooden shacks decorate the valley-sides, 2016