Seda’s Larung Monastery settlement during Winter time – Sichuan Province, 2016


Narrow Roads zig-zag through the densely populated hillsides, 2016


The Majestic Larung Monestary surrounded by SeDa’s, also known as Sertar, (aspirant) houses of visiting and resident LaMas and JueMus (female Lamas), 2016


Crafted with the help of family, friends, and fellow buddhists, small wooden shacks decorate the valley-sides, 2016


Colourful worshippers from across Tibet and surrounding provinces visit SeDa on auspicious dates, 2016


The morning sun illuminates the early-risers who start their prayers temperatures below -20 Celsius at above 4000 meter altitude, 2016


Panorama of Larung Buddhist Monastery in Seda – Sichuan, 2016


Young monks from the country-side take their friend for a walk to the Plateau grasslands near Seda village 2016


Typical Tibetan farmer’s landhouse in the country side of Yala Valley, near KangDing – Sichuan province, 2016


Buddhist Temple under construction with two women making their morning praying, 2016


Morning Dawn over Larung Monastery, 2016


Evening dusk covers the contours of SeDa’s Larung Monastery community in Winter, 2016

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