Photo Documentary: The Bajau Sea Gypsies off the coast of Malenge Island

Mutual Curiosity with the Village Elder

Shy boy looking away. The coloured flags in the background represent different political parties. Indonesia is proud of its democracy!

Dark Clouds Ahead. The dark spots in the sea are a mixture of coral and hordes of spiky sea urchins

In Indonesia, smoking men are as common as clouds in the sky

Sunset over the pitoresque village. The bridge is leading to the other Gypsy village, just around the corner of the far rocks on the left.

Kids play a ball version of hide-and-seek, the entire island became a playground for all the boys and girls.

The Mosque, with its speakers at the top, could be heard even on neigboring islands. Despite the high share of muslims in this regions, most parties and festivals still involve a jolly dose of alcohol. People seem to practise religion in a pragmatic way, whereas “Indonesiaism” seems to be practised in an ideal way. Social cohesion is still thick in thinly populated areas.

Boy on its way to school, crossing the miles-long bridge. Sidenote: I was too scared myself  to even cross 100 meter on this ancient wabbling wooden construction.

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