Flowers and Clouds in MenYuan #1

Menyuan County, located in Qinghai Province, has an altitude of 3,200 M

About 400 million square meters of rape flowers blossom around Qinghai Lake

Menyuan County is famous for its vast green fields and yellow rapeseed flowers that bloom late spring

Rapeseed Flowers in MenYuan, Qinghai Province

Menyuan Hui Autonomous County is located in the northeast of Qinghai Lake, about 150 kilometers from the provincial capital – Xining. Members of more than five minorities live in this area, such as Hui, Tibetan, Tu, Mongolia and Sara. Menyuan is the production base of cole in the northern China and production base of oil plants in Qinghai Province.

With summer on the way and temperatures climbing, it is the time to get out and see flowers. Southern China has several areas famous for golden rape flowers. There is one place that cannot to be mentioned, that is Menyuan County, where golden rape flowers are flourishing most in July.

In early July, golden rape flowers are in full bloom from the Qingshizui to the Xianmi gorges. The rape land in Qingshizui is flat and open, running southward directly to the foot of Qilian Mountain. Except for a few houses and the snow-capped Qilian Mountain, thousands of hectares of rape land reveal the same color, like a great piece of nugget.

The golden world of Menyuan County is famous for its vast green fields and yellow rapeseed flowers. The Menyuan rape flower fields are famous for their bright yellow rape flower fields that come into bloom in late spring. In that time, the annual Rape Flower Festival will be held in Menyuan. It looks like the heaven of peace in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau.


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